Welcome to MLC CONNECT™

MLC CONNECT™ is a pro sports community that equips creative makers to push the industry forward.


MLC CONNECT™ is an exclusive gathering of major level creative minds & artists from around the nation in the pro sports creative media industry. The objective is to “connect” these professionals through an experiential digital community and annual gatherings. To learn, teach, share new techniques, ideas, concepts, philosophies, software & best practices - to inspire and challenge one another. To nationally network with creative leaders & artists within the field of pro sports and gather industry-leading knowledge that can be applied to individual sports markets. MLC CONNECT™ is a pro sports community that helps creative makers push the industry forward. Community Members take their brands to the next level in marketing, advertising, entertainment and culture, while building creative value and directly impacting the core objectives for your pro sports organization.

Welcome to the MLC CONNECT™. A place to truly gather, learn, return, apply & share.


  Vetted sports creative industry professionals

  Monthly interviews & conversations with industry professionals

  Discussions related to design, photo, video, motion, illustration, and social media 

  Leadership topics including creative thought leadership, art direction and mentorship

  Up-to-date sports creative content trends

  Industry-wide surveys with immediate access to results

  Workshops and tutorials from experts

  Ability to set up one-on-one meetings

  Virtual networking hangouts 

  Direct access to industry peers 

  Access to career advising  

  Access to industry gatherings*

*Only MLC CONNECT™ Community Members gain access to attend future Conferences and Regional Meetups


Are you a full-time creative for a pro sports team, college or sports-based organization?

If yes, please continue to sign up.

If no, unfortunately you do not qualify for the Community Membership. Although we respect everyone's career, MLC CONNECT™ is an exclusive sports creative community. Thank you for your understanding. 


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